Policy Advocacy, Outreach, and Training


Policy Advocacy

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National and International Training

BTCC provides preventative and restorative training and training tools nationally and internationally to address the specific needs of the community facing issues of human trafficking and migrant worker exploitation. As one of the lead organizations of the Freedom Network Training Institute, BTCC provides in-depth training to law enforcement, businesses, public health providers, NGO's, and community organizations. To learn more: Contact us 

Community Outreach
Alert communities (employers, students, religious community members and neighbors) are our key weapons for the identification of exploited migrant workers and the prevention of prolonged abuse. As a key organization in the DC Task Force on Trafficking in Persons, BTCC provides comprehensive informational presentations and materials through the Task Force' Outreach Committee. Through our programs, BTCC can educate your community about trafficking and migrant worker exploitation so you can be proactive and know how to respond. To learn more: Contact us