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Worker Rights Action Alert!!!!!!

There is a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) open to comments right now until FEBRUARY 22, and we need people to submit (very short!) pro-rule comments.

The rule would require employers subject to the National Labor Relations Act to post a notice of employee rights. It's a very simple thing that costs employers nothing, but there have already been thousands of comments submitted by the anti-worker folks and they are not playing around! SO we need you to submit some comments too!

As anti-union and anti-worker actions are multiplying in the face of "budget gaps," employees remain largely unaware of their existing rights under the NRLA. As NELP says, "the transparency promoted by this proposed notice is especially important for the vast majority of American workplaces that are non-unionized, as workers in these settings may be unaware of the scope of employee activity protected by the NLRA – activity that non-union employees typically engage in to protest unfair working conditions. Informing employees and employers alike of the rights protected by the NLRA would impose little or no burden or cost on employers, and is vital to address the serious prevalence of workplace violations."

WE NEED YOU TO SUBMIT A SHORT COMMENT (instructions below) in support of the proposed rule, in support of making sure that employees know about their rights, in support of businesses being transparent about employee rights! The comments can be informal and short! 

To submit a comment, follow this link to the comment form at

Here are two examples of comments submitted against the rule which demonstrate how succinct many of these comments are:

Example 1

“Employees are already well aware of their legel labor related rights, thanks mainly to modern technology. This proposal smells of the anti business attitude of our administration, or is it regime?”

Example 2

“I am strongly against this action and the idea of posting notices to employees about organizing unions. I am a business owner and am one of those responsible for job growth and keepng unemployment down. Taking this action will only make my job more difficult. It is an unnecesary burden, it will complicate employee relations, and in my opinion it is nothing more than a political move to allow powerful union bosses back door access into my business. In a time when promoting small businesses is paramount to the nations economic success, this will only serve as a way to cut the legs out from under already weakend small businesses. Please do not move forward or approve such a requirement. I urge you to strike down the proposed requirement to display union related notices at places of business.”


Tiffany Williams, LGSW
Break the Chain Campaign/Institute for Policy Studies

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