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CASA is planning an emergency action to halt the deportation of several immigrant mothers. Among them is Roxana Santos whose deportation date is set for next week! She has an active civil rights lawsuit for being racially profiled. Please join us tomorrow in front of DHS with community and faith leaders to urge the administration to stop their deportation. 


We especially call on women and mothers to support these courageous women. 


RALLY TOMORROW 12:30  (take off for lunch) 

DHS, 500 12th St., SW, Washington DC 

(Smithsonian metro)


Dear Friends,


On Wednesday, September 21, at 12:30, we will take action at the national office of the DHS, 500 12th St., SW, Washington DC, to demand justice for our activists Roxana, Ruth, Maria, and Florinda. After you hear why, we hope that you will join us:

This August, President Obama made a long-sought announcement that his administration would be providing relief to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that have been ensnared in immigration enforcement activities despite the significant ties they have to this country – U.S. citizen children, caretaking for ill relatives, defenders of civil rights, victims of crime, and more. This announcement came after the release of a new policy guideline by ICE Director John Morton in June that such immigrants would be the lowest priorities for removal proceedings.

 The announcements from the President and his staff provided enormous hope for the tens of thousands of families facing separation across the country. Yet despite the announcements, 4 women - CASA activists, mothers, and Marylanders all – face removal. These are the women of Deportation Row:


Roxana Orellana Santos – Roxana, mother of Cesar Jr., has sued the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department for race discrimination after officers took her into custody while she sat peacefully outside her job eating her lunch. Frederick County turned her over to ICE under its notorious 287(g) agreement. Roxana’s lawsuit is pending yet she’ll never challenge race discrimination if ICE proceeds forward with her removal. ICE denied a deferral of her removal on September 14, weeks after the Obama announcement. Deportation Date: September 30, 2011 (report date September 22, 2011).


Ruth Diaz – when Ruth’s roommate physically attacked her, Ruth called the Prince George’s County police for protection. Instead, they arrested Ruth and her attacker. Although the judge threw out the charges against her, under Prince George’s County’s notorious Secure Communities program, she was transferred to ICE custody, leaving her 2-year old son behind. Deportation Date: September 30, 2011


Maria Bolaños – Maria, mother of Melisa, called the police after being threatened by Melisa’s father the day before Christmas 2010. The responding Prince George’s County police refused to arrest her partner but instead charged Maria with selling telephone cards, trumped up charges that were later dropped by the court. Maria has fought tirelessly to expose the impact of Secure Communities on domestic violence victims. Deportation Date: to be determined October 28, 2011.


Florinda Faviola Lorenzo Desemilian – Florinda, mother of three, was arrested by Prince George’s County police for selling telephone cards, purportedly a crime of “operating a business without a license.” The judge declined to proceed with the charges, however that did not stop the Prince George’s County Correctional Center from transferring her into ICE custody. Released three days later to her breastfeeding infant, she has participated in a civil rights investigation of the misuse of the Secure Communities program by Prince George’s County. Deportation Date: Temporary one-year relief granted, new deportation date August 4, 2012.

 Like you, we were thrilled when we first heard the announcement of relief from President Obama. But change has not been felt on the ground. A press release announcing change is meaningless if warriors like Roxana, Ruth, Maria, and Florinda do not experience it.

 President Obama, where is the change?

Please join us in front of DHS this Wednesday to send a message to the President that now is the time for actions, not words. If you are able to join us, please confirm your participation to


Helen Melton at hmelton@casamd.org.


In solidarity,


Gustavo Andrade

Organizing Director

CASA de Maryland, Inc.

8151 15th Avenue

Langley Park, MD 20783

240-491-5720 Direct

301-526-3344 Cel

twitter: @andrade_org

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Are there any developments? Did everything went as planned?

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