Client Testimonies

“My neighbor also found a wonderful organization called Break the Chain for me. They were very warm and friendly and were able to help me greatly. They took me to a doctor… paid for therapy and prescriptions, took me to the dentist…and arranged for transportation when I couldn’t get there myself. Break the Chain also gave me grocery store gift cards so I could buy food myself, and they gave me a cell phone. They even paid for rent for several months and helped me move when I needed to. They did everything!”-Leela (Burma)

“Thank you to BTCC for getting my kids to come. They (BTCC) were there for me each and every step… The people who experienced the same things I experienced, they should come forward. Now I am very happy!” -Patricia (South Africa)

 "You all have been wonderful people during those hard moments of my life"- Cecile (Burkina Faso)