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Future Programs

PROMISE Central is BTCC's client weekly community meeting through which survivors of trafficking and migrant worker exploitation establish healthy friendships, participate in group therapy, recieve life-skills and wellness education, and create the community from which to discuss and address the concerns that affect their lives.  All new clients must attend this portion of the program to get direct service assistance.  Meetings are weekly, last roughly 16 weeks and are facilitated by BTCC's Community Development Coordinator, Social Worker, and topic-related volunteers.

Migrant Voice Training builds on survivors’ diverse perspectives via their first-hand experience and acculturated competency-tools (their indigenous cultural, political and spiritual language). Clients explore their trials and tribulations as migrant women through discussing topics such as:  violence (female circumcision, domestic violence, and rape), education, motherhood, gender roles, modern micro-finance/community development brainstorming, and socio-political country case-study comparisons. Through this section of the program, participants face the impasses to personal and community development, practice speaking about the issues that affect them and start to develop solutions and an effective strategy for implementing change in their native adoptive communities. Meetings are bi-weekly, last roughly 16 weeks and are facilitated by BTCC’s Community Development Coordinator, social worker and topic-related volunteers.