• Referral-based access to culturally competent legal and social services for domestic workers who are survivors of human trafficking worker exploitation in the Washington DC area. 
  • Assistance in connecting with national and international migrant worker rights networks, membership organizations, and direct social/legal services

Research and Advocacy

  • Working on the policy committee of the Freedom Network USA, we help develop the Network's legislative agenda on issues of human trafficking in the United States, including socio-legal services, NGO funding, and government oversight
  • As part of an informal network of NGO's in the DC area, we are privileged to meet regularly with the Department of State to help them implement the "on the ground" provisions of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act 
  • Operating from awareness that human trafficking is only the end point on a continuum of exploitation in the domestic worker industry, we have partnered with the National Domestic Workers Alliance to provide policy support for campaigns for domestic worker rights and economic justice
  • As part of the Inter-Alliance Dialogue and the Excluded Workers Congress, we work with partners like labor unions, farmworkers, day laborers, restaurant workers, and formerly incarcerated workers, among others, to organize and advocate for the rights of all workers in the United States, especially those who, like domestic workers, are also excluded from many basic labor protections